Building Smart Future VectorX builds the world’s leading industrial software for data-driven decisions and operations.

VectorX, the AI powered platform

An end-to-end SaaS solution, to remotely control and monitor industrial assets leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT. Gain valuable information and optimize in the right way the maintenance of your assets by knowing exactly what is happening in real-time instead of going on site. We do things a little differently, here's a quick overview of just a few of what VectorX is offering.

Advanced Data Analytics

We efficiently integrate and model an organization's data—regardless of type or volume—into a single, cohesive data asset that our AI modules can use to solve their toughest problems.

Anamoly Detections

Deploying a computer-vision based modules that can provide deep insights of outliers in analytics. Our AI powered modules are cost-effective and is extremely economical in comparison to the prevailing processes.

Predictive Maintenance

Our AI modules are proactive in handling the unpredicted machine malfunctioning, based on knowledge graph analysis, study various machinery downtimes and predict time to carry out maintenance activity.

Demand Forecasting

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning the platform learns from past experience and can analyze the multitude of complex relationships and factors that influence product demand. Hence, giving accurate predictions on demands.

Boosts Operational Efficiency

Our AI modules crunches the constant streams of data and detects the patterns not deceptive on simple gauges. In addition, we predict the operation conditions and detect the parameters to be modified to ensure ideal outcomes.

Better Risk Management

We helps businesses to understand as well as predict a broad range of risks and automate for the prompt response. Thereby, it allows them to better handle financial loss, employee safety, machinery health, asset connectivity and cyber threats.

With the world witnessing the digital transformation, we strongly believe that a product like this can immensely help organisations or industries to adapt, be relevant and scale.

- Team VectorX

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