Pushing the Boundaries of Automation with Industry 4.0 IOT

- We Collect , Process , Analyze , Visualize data.

With VectorX Cloud, you can collect, process, analyze, visualize and control data in real-time for improved operational efficiency and reduced costs.

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What We Do

Secure your data, gain real-time insights, boost productivity, and more. Create more efficient operations, deliver better customer experiences, and generate more revenue with VectorX.

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Cloud Computing

Build and scale faster with VectorX Cloud’s planet-scale computing on one of the world’s largest and fastest private networks.

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IoT (Internet of Things)

Build, manage, and monitor a network of physical objects by adding sensors and creating smart devices.

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Data Collection and Storage

Collect data from your network and use advanced analytics to uncover new business insights and opportunities

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Analytics and Machine Learning

Predict needs before they arise and act with precision based on unprecedented insights from your IoT network.

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Hardware Automation

From cables to circuits, our ingeniously designed physical infrastructure will serve as a great foundation to your business.

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Software & Design

Develop customized software & mobile applications with beautiful, functional branding and design.


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Oil & Gas

VectorX Cloud is a fully managed end-to-end service to easily and securely collect and manage data from globally dispersed devices or meters specific to Oil & Gas industries. With secure device connection and management, it provides complete solution for collecting, processing, analyzing, visualizing and controlling in real-time significantly improving operational efficiency of industries.


Smart Automation Platform for remote system control, fine-tuning and real-time troubleshooting of Water Treatment Systems. Advanced Spectrum Analytics for giving deep insights to achieve better resource management.

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MobilityX is an Advanced Real-time GPS vehicle or asset tracking system with instant availability of historical data and notifications for immediate attentions. Customized and Seamless Software for Driver Management, Speed and Resource Monitoring.

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